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merous patients of the Royal Maternity Charity, as well as among others
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fession ; and there can be do doubt that it will hereafter be highly crimi-
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liouse, four cases of cancer have occurred in the last thirteen years : (1)
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between the apposed surfaces. But the exudation is not great, and
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mations. In parenchymatous nephritis, for example, such as that set
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Diseases of the Locomotory System. — Rheumatic Fever. — Without
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and the auricular branches upon the other, the ear vessels of the
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bacillus seems to produce much the same results whether it be injected
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quently in the progress of acute diseases, and sometimes under other
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tion to the density of the medium ; in the same proportion, the extent of
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inundation ; on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, and on part of the
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wants of science will be legally provided at a small expense.
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cause. And that there was any real connection between the causes sup-
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ls of scarlet fever, measles, be. They consist chiefly of congeries of
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was seen in the famine districts in India, or complete saturation as is seen
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been carried as far as prudence will permit, the surge6n proceeds to
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the answer to this question must be guarded. The more carefully the
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First in order of time may be mentioned Nuttall's observations.
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Schinznach in Switzerland; Aix-les-Bains and Uriagein Erance; Aix-la
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In both cases there is an absorption of this poison into the body, and
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Among the children the admission-rate in 1891 was 0-5; in 1892, 0-7;
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writer and a worthy man. — Two albinos are exhibited at Philadelphia. —
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ease we seldom find the morbid change limited to one organ.