' Vide article on "Epidemiological Conclusions and Suggestions," in Brit, and

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The mind is usually clear, but occasionally delirium is manifested, rarely

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The interval from the introduction of the poison into the system and

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a portion of this particular ganglionic mass. The remaining

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cases in which different opinions were held by different persons of large

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caused by pressure on the cord may produce paralysis ; but, in addition,

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A highl}^ probable diagnosis, before the efflorescence appears on the

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If patients be not affected unpleasantly by opiates, an attack may be

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rather than material causation. In one patient the slightest

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vantages of facility in acquiring information this work may

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extravasation takes place in the same situation. More frequentl}' a sub-

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treats of the anatomy and physiology of the ear, as work i.s indi-^pen-abie, and \viU not be found void of

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considerable if the pulse exceed 120 per minute, and the danger is aug-

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that described by Pinkus in Protopterus and later by Allis in

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" As to the phenomena exhibited in the reproductive functions, the

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betoken a fatal termination. There is reason to believe that the patho-

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several months, subject to attacks of vertigo, which were especially excited

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time, greater attention and apparent interest in a new medical adviser ;

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tasted : but manifestly such an experiment cannot decide the

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peripherally in the facial nerve emerge at the lateral angle, and

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from the vesicles produced by the primary vaccination.^ Lichenous or

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t), from below upward, involving a rapid reduction of their

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Exposure to cold is to be avoided both while the disease is in progress

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the greater part of the other bundle assists in forming the naso-

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population — a group probably somewhat below the average for

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Fig. 10 Transverse section through the nervus facialis just posterior to the

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which constitutes the disease, rather than to suppose a reinfection of the

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MENT, AND PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS; in a series of Clinicnl Studies. By Austin

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ing ventral to the olfactory nerve and extending caudad over

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Almost every practitioner is acquainted with cases of paraplegia, either

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jectures which have been offered respecting the nature of the relation are

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Between the apices of the inner hair cells (ih) and the outer

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removed, and it was attempted to trace strands of the terminalis

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nerve extends anteriorly, in company with a medium-sized ar-