state our opinion at the time of the outrage. But he has been
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of which :Mr. Mark Judge is chairman, has given special
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ever bitten his tongue or micturated at these times. As to
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highest proportional fatality of measles was recorded in ClerkenweU^
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at all events, till promotion comes to men who are younger
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ior the appointment of a Royal Commission to inquire into
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There is little to be said on this side of the question. The
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the community who are supposed to be self-sufficing, whether for edu-
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until this report shall have appeared. Tliat the whole ques-
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(^i(ara??;rae.— The period of quarantine ought to be 15 days ;
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of the German Otological Society. The German Gynaecological
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be removed, cut, stained, and mounted in the course of a day ;
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was a lady, aged 32, with a slight cough, which gave her little
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one mass of ice down to the sea shore. In Hong Kong, which
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that he shared the opinion of Lord Lothian that, in the best
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inspector, of a pauper, ou the ground that the patient was not after all
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Edinburgh Medical Journal. Vols. 11-1.% and25-.3l, and 1892.
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the peritoneum by pushing the latter forwards. For the iUac
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Read letters of apology for non-attendance from Dr. Henry
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Thu Select Committee of the House of Commons appointed
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of the Vienna Medical Faculty. He was for many years Chief
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have inoculaiion experiments on cats and monkeys, which
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Case i.— The patient was .50 years of age, and being a member of
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less ; in 63 the period was 4 days or less. If to these
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Zoological Society of London, 3, Hanover Square, S..30 p.m.
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Schwalbe, of Strassburg ; "Ending of the >!erves in the Organs of
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truding, a result of having been permitted to strain to pass
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Laeyngological Society op London — At a meeting held
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with other people's patients. The end is inefficiency, and
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case particularly : " the organs were healthy, the heart some-
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followed damage to the recurrent larnygeal nerve, but the
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patients and their proportion to population in the thirty-
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unqualified practitioners obtaining a book of forms, and using
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The finger was therefore insinuated among the adhesions of
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larity. The periods last as a rule six days : no clots are passed; for the
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quested to give notice of any business for that meeting to the Honorary
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don ; Dr. McNabb, Portsmouth; Dr. A. Myers, London; Dr. B. H.
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ought to be contioed to persons bond lidc ol the operative class.
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it was the size of a five-months pregnant uterus. The patient
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carried out under conditions which could not be secured in
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The Coroner's Society also recommended the retention of the
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