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cases of diphtheria followed by scarlatinal rash, and one case wherein
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presence of theregistrar.havingwith him proper means of iden-
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of time ; but we cannot refer it to the growth of organisms
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College, Belfast; Frances E. T. Evans, London School of Medicine:
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disease. There is too much truth in tiie highly coloured picture. Leaving
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tlie recommendations of the Health Committee were only carried by one
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Austin, M.,Limerick,W. Gorst, Right Hon. Sir Northcote, Hon.SirH.8.
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only tender on pressure but enlarged to the extent of li inches in the
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asked the Society its experience of Senn's method of in-
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power to do voluntary work are hunger, a fall of barometric
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acute rheumatism and croupous pneumonia, in which, a few
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•Our medical readers well know in this, as in other matters,
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Willi regard to the uncertified deaths and to such cases as the one re-
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worse. Temperature 101° ; pulse small. It was decided to
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"science teaching" at public schools is a mere pretence ;.
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Surgeon-Major-General is granted an extension for two years,
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Bonaewhat anomalous titles. All the cases admitted to this
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RoTAL Free. Hours of .ittcndancc. — Medical and Surcical, daily, 2;
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bers of the above District will be held at the SackviUe Hotel, Bexhill, oa
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parts of Galicia le persons have been struck down by the dreaded
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act as Assistant-Physician, Madras General Hospital.
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is largely practised, and is held to be of considerable value.
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the Royal College of Surgeons of England was held on April
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i;jO: Obstetrics. M. W. F., l.:io ; Eve. M. Tli., 2; Ear. M. Tli..y ;
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nodules are felt beneath the mucous membrane, and in front
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'■ I.-krh'drh,4.^r.pliysuilriii. undpaViolog. riicmie, ISS:,
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these three attacks had rapidly followed one another on very
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possible for a notification to be in six hours, and then the medical
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formed about the thirteenth day. In the obliteration of the
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dict was " Death from Convulsions from Cigarette Smoking,"
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In the text the various forms of bullous eruption which
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now in working order under the direction of Professor
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eiug perhaps 130 with a temperature of 101°. If at the end
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favouring the cultivation of septic perms, and the production of the
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slight augmentation of his diabetes : but not much, as the specific gravity
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the third fall there was no further rise, but the patient was con-
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different from that which has hitherto been associated with
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Dr. Faequhaeson : What is the object of these people
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denied altogether the existence of such a difficulty; and when