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ance the patient has been almost wholly free from pain.
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relieve pain. 3. To lessen motor excitement and spasm.
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he was discharged from the service, March 2Tth, 1863.
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about the ward, and, two weeks later, was transferred to convales-
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medicinal a<rents that arc*e.\tollcd liy writers as possessing a decid-
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fats, resins, oils, balsams, gutta percha, wax and many alka-
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Tinctura Hydrastis. Tincture of Hydrastis. (U. S. & B. P.)
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cult to say for a short time what particular form of disease is about
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diminished and the load put upon the heart is lessened,
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will purge when absorbed from the skin or rectum. Castor
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history of his case : About six weeks prior to my visit, ho had an
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to understand the principle of dialysis, wo will endeavor very briefly
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•ig anomalies, viz. : an additional finger on the ulnar side of each
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ri:.> 1 if powdered charcoal placed about a room in which there are foul effluvia, arc
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The tuberous root of Ipomoea Jalapa Nuttall (nat. ord.
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the wards under my care. Very few of such cases have ever occurred
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patients, the younjrer brother, who had the Diphtheria in February,
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with 20 to 40 parts of vinegar or water. Lead acetate is
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they arc more or less permeable to crystalloids, they are wholly imper-
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in;; good general health, had, after exposure to cold and damp, six
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amounts added, we come to the Latin directions to the
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paralyzed, except by the local action of alcohol. The
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Medicines. He was unable to report — continued. Dr. A. K. Gardner's paper
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touries, of which one has a narrow blaile, with black horn handles ; 1
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and then conlinuin;j the secretion of the skin was ado])ted. Indeed,
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edly. 4. Decolorize by digestion with charcoal. 5. Preci-
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to make a garment. Tliey have also been taught to perform appro-
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to its anodyne effects, but with special reference to its supposed
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Linne, and from various species or varieties of sorghum (nat.
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tion writing, i.e., the use of few drugs in combination. Water
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in dilating the uterus by fluid pressure from above, althouj^h my in-
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and who died two days after inflicting the wound upon him.
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of treatment, and, since some is absorbed, will take the place
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in the wagon allowed each Regiment for that purpose.
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four cavities for teeth, viz., two for molars, one for a canine and one
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.way from any of these hospitals without authority from
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have passed from its wound of entrance into, and pierced the upper
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lowing cases, which came under hi.s care in the Mason General Hos-
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looked by experts who find chocolate mixed with feculent substances.
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also soluble in 30 parts of ether and in 2 parts of
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practitioners. Our present system is not uniform with that
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it Cambridge in 1852, and from the ^Medical Department of the Uni-
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t Mod. TimM and Oii/.<nc, June 18th, \H.V.), n. fWO;, July, IS-W. pp. 24, 76.
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pointed ; integuments thin and of a purple color. Dr. W. made a free
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an eruption of purpuric spots on the abdomen and thighs. There was
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readers may possibly welcome an account of the principles of tliis new
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Potassium iodide is generally prescribed with colchicum
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frequency (veratroidine and jervine) of the pulse, and also