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cold, in the care of the patient, the affection can frequently be prevented
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ll-'i'.. Ciiivrs ti. slii.M th,. rclatiimslii|i U'tHrrn Hi,. () ami <■()_ l.-nsimis {n alM'i.lar
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to the eiitV as iiossihle. With each liearlheat a distinct sound like ,i p
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X. Brief Notice presented to the Medico-Chirurgical So-
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in all directions. In achondroplasia they are scanty, and (differing from
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cases of haemoglobinuria with Raynaud's disease the proportion is 71.4
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'!'•'' '' MTctioll ,,|' ||itliiu,'M is ;i,-tllllll\ Lil-c-ltcr tllNIl it u;is li,'f..
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iiiiits liaxf Mil iiilliifii Ill tin- ti-nsion nf aUcolar CO,, provided that
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had become thoroughly known and the pathology and treatment put on a
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haemoglobin is not notably reduced. Some look normal, others have a
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iodism from the giving of too large doses in cases of chronic nephritis — the
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of Southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Mexico, Egypt,
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united above, and eonneeted below with lubes that open Hush with the
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paralysis, results. After a period of rest the muscle returns to its normal
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degenerative processes, associated with those of a regenerative nature. Into
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of alleviating its further progress when once esta-
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nervous disease has led to a very careful study of possible nervous influ-
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patients, with protocols on the examinations of the portions of muscles
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tion is no more than is usual, or it may be even rather small in amoimt.
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joints, and this usually renders the diagnosis difficult from local involvement
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bath, where there are proper establishments, and where care can be given to
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before reaching a fair degree of recovery. In the so-called Still's disease,
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tions. Mydriasis and miosis sometimes occur, with other symptoms of
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production is never relatively or absolutely important. The marrow is
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thorough overhauling in the office of the physician, who has been consulted
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however, whether repeated attacks of this kind would not always leave some
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were had recourse to, and carried to a considerable
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Medicines are of very little service in Raynaud's disease. One would
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llnll have Jiiinvveii lllnle llelalieil stllll\ 111 lie Iliaiic (III lilC site .li I
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piiilpli'iiis ;irc liciiiL' iiivi-stiyiitf.l. I.ct lis. for cxiiiiiidi', cniisidcr Imw tin-
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lorly-foiir or forty-eiirht days is prohalily to lie ,• iiiited for liy the
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tebrae are curved, with the convexity backward, the lumbar spme often
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G(yut is a common cause of chronic nephritis. English pnysicians are
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. xist, a school of fa.ldists who, l.y delilierafely chewinR far beyond
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affected areas. There may be great sensitiveness to cold, and, as a rule,
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itiiiii ill tliiit t'aiiylii'ii. mill we i.i..it,.I in il
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with splenic enlargement, there was general glandular enlargement. The
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nrfs on milk, it splits fl.f ••ascin* of tin- milk info two portions, on.- ...
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culosis elsewhere; the possibility of a tuberculous origin should be remem-