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6. In health no oxalic acid, or only a trace, is formed in the
cumcision above that which can be obtained by judicious stripping.
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The number in front of the ( ) indicates number of responses.
Arrest of the Hemorrhage ; Child Born Alive. — I was sent for by Dr.
It seems to be more widespread in the Tropics than in the Temperate Zone.
experiments prove beyond question that this healing serum possesses
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drug abuse
periments of Kling, Pettersson, and Wernstedt respecting an atypical
natural cancer
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iron, which has continued to act as a most efficient tonic.
pounds such as liquor carbonis picis (B.P.), or alkaline or alcoholic
like little pirates, attack certain organs, and the stress of the disease
natural gout
severe forms of danger, such as sudden heart or respir-
11. Simon JA, McVicker SJ, Ferrell CR, Payne CB: Two-step
He was tapped November 20; 202 ounces of yellow turbid fluid removed;
personnel performed this work. Physician and nurse anesthetists were
mended for "Inflammation of the Liver;" also give a teaspoon-