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of the w^onnd and early union of the fracture. But with this
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belonging to different branches of the profession. They were
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subject however is plethoric, venesection should precede the emetic,
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of the hospital ship Notre Dame de Saint, which left
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to prove that croup and angina maligna were two distinct diseases, not-
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as not to be responsible, but the jury convicted her of the murder. Un-
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as purely predisposing, while the direct causes are (1) Excessive menstrual
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thoritative body for the purpose of spreading knowl-
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convulsions, haemorrhage, or other rare contingencies take place,
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children, all of the others healthy. As for herself she
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degree, with obstruction at its discharging orifice, and an extra-
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Education and Schools, and Medical Jurisprudence are also included.''
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was good. The growth was variously treated. Iron, cinchona,
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of discovery, for H. C. Plaut in 1894, two years before Vincent's
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carbolic acid or zinc sulphate. Belladonna or iodoform
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means ; the risk of employing forcible mechanical means to
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myself on " The Dige.stion and Absorption of fats in Congenital
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fingers ; whereas that of diseased meat is soft and wet — in
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mental depression due to excess of uric acid is complete.
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Three patieats were admitted from tlie Extern Maternity
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( Canadian Medical Association Journal) lithiasis may occur with hyperacidity, sub-
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not some flaw elsewhere. Of course, common sense leads us to treat dyspepsia
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sterile instruments and materials ready for repacking in case hemor-
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sulphate of iron. These means were, however, found to be
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To describe the recommended Outreach Program, Dr. Hulvey recog-
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avail, except perhaps the nitrate of silver. The administration
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the extent of 20 per cent, first appeared in the blood picture with a
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and saliva are also occasionally found and are important confirmatory evidence of
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and valuable sedative in the treatment of the biliary colic
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ysmal tonic spasm appears, limited to one ocular muscle, and lasting a brief
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fecting the pharynx, larynx and tonsils, ear, accessory
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by (a) the way in which he was drawn into the plot.
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treating an alarming disease. I have been looking for the surgeon to
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The man returned to work in October, and remained well nine-and-a
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anastomosis done at the time of the reduction, or later if the
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mind through a deranged form or gait, expression or colour,
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hypertrophied by the organization of some portion of the ex-
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into the normal angle of the j unction of the neck, with the
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has had chilly feelings, though no rigors and had foil
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These conditions will produce that form of irritation of the pelvis of
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isfy readers disposed to be content or pleased with
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other incidentals serve to modify established principles of surgery,
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As the disease advances, walking or even standing becomes impossible ;
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precedes the palsy, whereas slight loss of power in walking is usually the
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