of cholecystenterostomy may become necessary in order to prevent dila-
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be treated specifically. If there be present a rheumatic or gouty taint
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demanded, and rectal feeding must be instituted as soon as it is found
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until it reaches the stomach, or it may find its way down for some dis-
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single, its position is usually in the right lobe near the convexity of the
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cordial region often quickly terminate the attacks of cardiac asthma,
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abscess be superficial. A tympanitic note, however, is often elicited,
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the latter is of mild grade — as, for example, in the case of .the sero-fibrin-
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in pleurisy extends to the left, far beyond the boundary-line of the per-
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to apoplexy, uremia, and allied cerebral states — that retention of bron-
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6 per cent, of the totality of cases. The disease dated from child-birth
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the problems attacked in this new building, but I know of no
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his neck against the vagus nerve. When the function of the nerve is
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Middlesex Hospital and Surgeon to Chelsea Hospital, London ; and Arthur E.
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Presence of pathogenic organisms ^ (strep- Presence of the Diplococcus pneumonise.
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with great rapidity, in which case one is astonished at the
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Treatment. — This embraces absolute rest, rectal alimentation, the
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Diseases of Women. By Henry J. Garrigues, A.M., M.D., Pro-
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echinococcus cysts. During the latter process the booklets disappear.
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though less frequently, upon other bones. These are exceedingly pain-
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extent by the vomicae. Cough-mixtures are usually prescribed to meet
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panied by an increase in the tissue-waste. In febrile states its excretion
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into spheres of a smaller diameter. Urine containing blood always
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culosis, which has the customary termination, and does not differ from
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"There are now under the care of the city in the various hospitals,
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neutralizing effect of the alkaline succus entericus. This in-
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diseases (typhoid, late stages of pulmonary tuberculosis). Again, it
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!Etiologfy. — The climate, country, and nationality have a certain
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carbolic acid, hydrogen peroxid, Labarraque's solution, potassium per-
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rickets," however, is not rare. Innately, the disease tends to spontaneous
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it has a musical quality and a systolic thrill can be felt on palpa-
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dietary, loss of flesh and strength continue. For the anemia and
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atrophy of the ovaries always supervened, with menopausal symp-
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