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when mixed with tannin or muriate of morphia often ex-

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scribe the chlorate of potash. ** From two to four drachms of the

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traight, which facilitates its passage through the bone,

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long APTT in hospitalized patients. Mixing studies and/or

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ern Alamance counties, where for the past 50 years he had practiced

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specifically addressed and incorporated into the original

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mental depression, convulsions, ataxia, hallucinations,

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other interesting points in this chapter, which we are

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mater and arachnoid were generally healthy ; pia mater almost constantly in-

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the Anatomy and Physiology of the Organs Concerned. By S. Weir

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an enormous, a most disproportionate, and a most unjust

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Thomas IIi'x, M. D., President. Albany, lHCi3. (From the Author.)

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that in others the tabes and the cardiac lesioii have a common cause,

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In consequence of this circular, the Council of the

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1900 f. — Uj fonalfergek a magvar faunaban. Neue Nematoden in der ungarischen

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in a previous paper, 8 that 0.0005 gram is equal to one m. 1. d., the

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nently," with resulting indurative enlargement of these structures. Rarely the

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Perhaps, in these events is born the soul's awakening.

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injured, slightly affected, or intact fibers predominate. In spinal and

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My Dear Dr. Cremen, — With reference to your forthcoming report

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and a history of sunstioke occurring in a tropical climate ami apart

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contain two groups, one a thermostable haptophore or combining group,

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ments on dogs and rabbits, an antivenin which neutralized per-

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and the fighting took place close to our ambulances, whither the wounded were

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Post-mortem. — The stomach was removed about twenty-four hours

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for intermittents in some localities," as we are informed bj Trousseau

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Island Parkway toward the Gulf, cross the Dog River bridge and follow the signs. For raw

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lotte in N'ovember, 1915, saw the case and felt anxious to operate on It,

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The New York Academy of Medicine. — At the next meeting of

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tion, is removed to a small basin containing boiling

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by Small Pox, Syphilis, Whisky and the cruelties of their conquerors, without leaving

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and within three years you expect him to learn physics or

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From these 147 cases, I have collected For some dirt, as ashes, soot, mortar, etc.,

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RESIDENCY General Surgical Internship. Neurosurgical

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M Ass., Chicago 1892, xviii, 705-710. Al.m: Proc. Am.

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one to thoroughly accept by the entire profession, and it is this : In compe-

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action of the diphtheria bacillus, and there is no good reason to doubt

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wall of the stomach, reaching up to the small curvature and