must have been formed ante-mortem ; and its formation is not unfrequently

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cavity ; peritonitis is at once developed, and, under these circumotances,

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the pulmonary mucous membrane, the skin, and more especially into the

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tation of the bowels and air-passages. In addition to these, measures,

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linown to science and experience to bring about this result.

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be a miasm generated without the body, this miasm is probably port-

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brane : he suggests that in similar cases the existence of a minute ulcer

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natural position ; but let this once be efifected, and the womb

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grain of the alkaline citrate is contained in an ounce of the juice.


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some mucous expectoration, and the negative result of a careful physical

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moaning or grunting sound with the expiratory act. Attention to this

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jRON is easily chief among Hccmatinics. According to T. Laudei

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pulse and axillary temperature ; the latter, liowever, rarely exceeds 100°

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logist might expect to explain this morbid condition more fulh^, if the

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EACH student is immediately and personally taught in Ob-

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potassa alone, dissolved in syrup of gum and water.^

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operation would have demonstrated nothing more than tying the

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Inhalation Apparatus ••••••••••••<*. S5.00

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observed in man, viz., diarrhoea, stiff'ness of the limbs, debility, muscular

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Obstipation may be produced by the causes named in the above head-

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unless the chest be denuded, and the two sides compared.

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any evidence of disease within the larynx or in tra-thoracic disease.

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not likely to recur. Contrary to what might be expected a priori, ana>mic

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pulse and improvement in other S3'mptoms ; and the defervescence in this

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the affected parts, or by changes in composition arising from morbid infil-

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distinctly this lesion, attributed it to obstruction of the bronchial tubes

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iu these cases, unless the escai)e of blood be unusual!}' rapid and abundant,

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from that disease, during the same period, having gradually de-

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(A pam^>hlcty with formula^ Photo-MicrograJ)hic illustrations, etc. , mailed upon appli-

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medicine. Not stopping to discuss the propriety of classing it among

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tion is a morbid deviation from those conditions of health which relate to

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established it in this happier land, which' has since assumed the

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size. The smallest were j\ of an inch long by ^^^ of an inch thick ;

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embrace under this head cases which I shall notice in connection with

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Armstrong, and Copland. By some French writers they have been de-

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dishonest, and multiply their number ; thus injuring other credi-

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severe pAin and distress of stomach, and followed by an indis-

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tains the medicinal properties of two ounces of selected

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rhage, having I'eference to debility and anaemia dependent on the loss of

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Dr. Pepper remarked upon the extreme slowness of recovery