may not completely hemolyze. In such cases the comple-

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phagocytosis or oxidation ; or it may end in complete disintegration,

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focal character of the lesion can hardly be determined from the

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but that the new hospital will be needed long before it can

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and voice sounds it seemed probable that she had either tuber-

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physician. The dyspnea was lessened very materially in 3

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(6) Transfer specimen to fresh solution of acid several

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The urease powder is weighed into a small flask or cylin-

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change into fat, the fats eventually being burnt up. Imperfect oxidation, there-


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tumors are not infrequently painless no certain conclusions can

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animal inoculation should be used in parallel with the

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external influences while active, especially in the presence of neutral salts

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a. Bacteriologic examination of specimens of drinking water

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when plasma is to be analyzed, because the citrate dis-

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(Esophageal diphtheria. — The spread of false membrane along the

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glucose solution, it at once begins to form alcohol. Again, organisms

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general condition of the patient. If the clinical condition be-

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solution. The supernatant fluid should be clear after the

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credentials to one or more members of the board of censors

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the meaning of it. He informed me that he had fits, that he

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the cause of the overgrowth is obscure, there may have been (1) congenital in-

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The magistrate of this small city is very favorable to homoeopathy,

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or 1 ml of a suspension of growth suspended in 2.5 ml

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this matter, has the satisfaction of being able to assert that Hip-

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fusion generally over the trunk and extremities, only avoiding