Clinical Character of the Articular Lesions. — Enlargement of the
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allied with chronic rheumatism ; but in many other respects they seem
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and it was only later, thanks especially to the labors of Luys, Hajem,
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obtained readily, for they are kept by the druggist, and directions
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one grain. Still better than opium alone is its combination with
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absence cannot be explained by the condition of the joints.
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the different ingredients may vary, in the one case the space being filled with
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hydrates. A list of them will be found in Table IV.
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the standard articles of diet. Plenty of exercise and the Turkish
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of the hand are the metacarpal ; they are live in number and they
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gout is extremely common in England among the classes to which
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health. Visceral complications supervene; the kidneys and the
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germ, which causes a spreading eruption upon the surface. It is
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Can we remove the cause and therewith the disease itself? Let us see.
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to a great extent, upon the low-pressure secondary circulation, which was
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should naturally infer that its long-continued use would impair the
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either dr}^ or moist, and it itches frightfully, so that the hands have
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brandy added to the infusion to keep it. The brandy improves its
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rinuria, in the restricted sense, the dark color of the urine is not due to the
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climate, emotions, and a thousand little things may disturb the
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atrophies, endeavored to establish the facio-scapulo-humeral type, and
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be too long continued. Bicycle riding is an ideal exercise in which
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already received general instruction for one year or
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tem and by increased energy of the oxidation processes due to a
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We have already hinted that there are certain varieties of germs
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following year the College presented to the Regents
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These are fever, thirst, high temperature, coated tongue, impaired
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ply is limited the decomposition of albumin would be diminished
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syringomyelia, and wLicli are generally if not imiversalh' held to be
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suffering in the aggregate. Intelligent* persons at least ought to
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pustulation are probably cases due to some other microorganism than that
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stone with the sound renders the diagnosis certain.
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