little we believed ourselves to possess has been disturbed by recent
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control experiments the hourly nitrogen and glucose elimination were
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per cent. The magnesium retention increased over the preceding
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arteritis is seen in some situations, and this mere calcification of the
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in the features is that the face has a stolid expression, which varies
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by Robertson's method previously reported. 3 The total protein is
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these two forms are combined, so that we may hear a distinct murmur
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are the last to disappear ; this law being a reversal of the law of evolu-
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cyanotic. The veins of the neck are distended and show undulatory
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fered from the disease- Eulenburg and Thyssen have each seen
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* 184. Kocher : Correspoudenz-Blatt fi'ir Schweizer Aerzte, January 1, 1895.
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plasma, but its action on hemophilic blood or plasma was not tested.
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trophy of the heart with general atheroma of the arteries, chronic
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along the coast of the eastern counties, and far inland from the low
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extensively thickened in some situations and the adventitia in others,
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of chlorids fell to a low figure, so that on an intake of 5 gm. of sodium
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each so shaded as to indicate death-rates, or the number of conscripts
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thought he was suffering from jaundice. In the centre of each cheek
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422, 644 and 817. Pellagrin 119 was without definite record in 1913
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seen; the arterial sheath also had become wavy and presented an
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In the preliminary report 10 of this work all the values as there
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A frequent sequel of phlegmasia dolens is a persistent aching of the
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Heart Load from 40 to 60 Per Cent. — Stone claims that normally
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is a much more efficient method of bringing about an atrophy of the
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disease is more rapid in every way, as the condition partakes of the
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as in Figure 11, showing normal rhythm again, with large P Wave.
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of the knee joints, and from the left inguinal and right axillary regions.
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to hyperplasia of the connective tissue, which in its contraction
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external support to the vessels by well-fitting elastic stockings or a
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Bristowe reported a case which lasted continuously for five weeks.
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so firmly in its grasp that no pigment will be yielded to the tissues, so
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carbohydrate and less protein. This is well illustrated by comparing
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