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was resisting a principle of his own organization.”

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paralysis of the third nerve. These lesions sometimes recover almost

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tween the fingers, large numbers of pus cells in all stages of disin-

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cessation programs could be beneficial because of the

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8-9992 grammes were absorbed, or 55-3 per cent, of the nitrogen

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Rapid Disappearance of Post-Nasal Adenoids After Influenza 472

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Corrigan, Professor Christison, Dr. Acland, and Dr. Quain.

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me and hid from me by all outside knowledge, and unless I could call in these

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adhere to one belief or the other is probably unwise. Until

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Patient Ch., drawn from the median basilic vein on the 5th day of

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pedicle. A portion of the growth occupied the posterior part of the left naris,

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previously given birth to a living child by the natural efforts, or who has

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"I know him as a man of genuine capacity and worth, strong-

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fatal delay. This is occasionally due to the subcutane-

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cautions, and prevailed with more or less intensity at Nice, Coni, Li-

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quired gradually, and Professor Babes thought the pro-

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highest temperature occurs in those cases which prove fatal by acute

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There was an old scar at the apex, and a malignant nodule in the

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albumen. The microscope showed considerable minute granular matter like

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Treatment of Puerperal Fever. Aitfbecht. — ^The success

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as the patients can comfortably bear should be employed, and the current

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sphincter ani directly backward along the perinoeum,

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Obstetrics forms an important part of the nurse's training, as the

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now considering the petition put forward by King's and

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or assistant. The gums around the affc< ted t'K)th were carefully

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The serous or purulent form may also fill the lesser

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is a lateral rather than a downward traction on the trachea. This

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twelve years later, the correctness of his prophetic asser-

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in an intelligent evaluation of its benefits, this preliminary report

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proper if puncture does not clear up the diagnosis. This

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)roughly mixed with the medium. These plates and tubes were

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