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through its effect on the heart. However, the cause of
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ing a slight injury should at once suggest the possibility
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Legislative Committee, several propositions were discussed.
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eration (Dr. Hunner), cultures and cover slips from pus
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the right, but not unduly tender. On digital examina-
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copies. For the accomplishment of these splendid re-
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treatment and theory was thoroughly presented in the Texas
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volunteers with the rank, pay, and allowances of captain of cavalry :
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ciated at the present day, and yet, as remarked by Dr.
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gangrenous pericystitis, appendicitis, peritonitis, hepatic
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following officers: Dr. James J. Pearson, Pontiac, president;
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self turning, objective if his surroundings revolve about
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both be passed upon by a competent judge. It is due to
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by the focal symptoms, is the clear and sole indication.
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lowing conclusions: 1. Symphyseotomy is still a useful opera-
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by the well-recognized symptoms of consolidation with
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in which the teeth are more readily affected than any other
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coagulate albumin, will kill trichina. The government of
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world indebted for the earliest authoritative instruction
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for the purpose of engrossing the Constitution and By-Laws.
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taken up by most of the profession, but the essential point
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the railroads, the Union Depot and most of the whole-
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the same time the pulse persisted slow, th4 beat ranging from
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altogether. Both layers were covered with a shaggj- fibrinous
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cine in that province, has been decided in favor of the appel-
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Asst.-Surgeon H. C. Curl, detached from Cattine. and to Cavlte.
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spite of ever; endeavor and much correspondence, the results, ex-
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death of Mrs. H. W. Judd, whose husband is among the in-
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tumor may mislead the physician, so that he may temporize
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lution Is, that It Intends to notify these States which have not
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there were no changes in the sac. There was a general tuber-
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legs and body. This eruption, diagnosed as an eczema,
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dermically, a 1 per cent, solution of iodid of potash every third
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friend to occupy a room together. In this way many will not
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of atropin, and more in twenty to thirty minutes if no visible
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