method, and at the time he appears to have regarded the results as the

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from danger, and followed by speedy and complete recoverv.

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in another portion of this chapter. Sarcoma of the kidney is much rarer than

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may be viewed as pluses; susceptibility agents must be

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-4. If, however, the whole circumference of the gut be ftran-

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There is almost always an accompanying pleurisy of varying

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ciety, from which we make the following interesting extract :

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bones were quite uninjured. The stomach contained a small quan-

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marsh malaria. I should remark that the following letters were written with

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form of two hemispherical bodies held together by in-

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kidney before them were frequently in doubt whether it was congenital

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too well known to need mention — but to the service they might render by

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showing multiple occurrence of carcinoma. In many of these

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cells may look ana-mic and have their central depressions enlarged ; but

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as though a piece two inches in diameter had been cut out, leaving ragged

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have no other importance regarding the disease than indication of a

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Part III. goes fully into the methods of diagnosing cardiac

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tube. No accuracy of measurement will, however, atone for the

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haa been transferred to St. Paul, Minn. He will be succeeded

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many persons, who, between the ages of forty-one and

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The constitutional disturbance which attends an attack of shingles

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wine of ipecac repeated every half-hour, or divided doses of opium, may be

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Results. — I publish all cases in which the balloons

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of the cord. This sclerosis of the motor columns marks the connection of

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caused by the pain of severe burns. ‘Thorazine’ acts, not by elimi-