nosis can be made at o/ice between lesions which irill
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This is a resumption of previous program carried out in collaboration with
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to take a short journey. He was absent two weeks, during which
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not be given at all, if possible. Now we commence to re-
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his other duties — ^his attendance at the Papal Court in
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In all the cases the disease returned, and made its ap-
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Tobacco, effect of, upon the visual acuity 282, 291
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various manipulations necessary in the treatment of the teeth.
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1-1/2 pages of text (excluding references). They should not duplicate
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scarcely perceptible ; in some instances the pain is very acute and
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tion of disease, has given rise to an unique experimental
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recourse to iron, cod-liver oil, and other drugs and modes of treatment
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influenza may, and often does, aggravate the dangers of a
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in the dosing of patients; that it is, after all, sug-
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lantern test bj' which small areas of colored light could be obtained
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from any trace of disease at that time, presented herself in
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is very striking. When at the period of the UliinesH war, and r>f the
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inflammation appeared in the wound over the aperture, and
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inner edge of the" scapula and the spine, on each side. It cor-
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cent of all adult cases die. When it occurs in alcoholics,
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sometimes the extremities ; but it is seldom that both parts are
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enteric fever prior to 1907 at va.ich tii::e the writer te-
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Landau. Trans, by B. L. Eastman and A. E. Giles. 8vo. Bailiire yld
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disappears on repeated subculture on artificial media.
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mation, he thinks, would be proper if hygiene demanded
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had been losing blood a"t stool constantly for seven
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The next important method of making labor easy is shortening the
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on Therapeutics by Drs. F. P. Stiles, W. G. Merrill, and C. M. Beebe.
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ous, especially to children. Infantile tuberculosis he considered to be
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This pain is severe and neuralgic in type, especially felt about the upper
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arising from it, to Almighty God, human tribunals are generally re-
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heard over the splenic area; there was also an arterial bruit
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efforts. If you decide to take blood at all, take it from the sur-
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interests of the whole profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-
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whitish appearance. This appearance continued slowly and uniformly
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in the first There were occasional convulsive movements,
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tion. Be this as it may, our success with the latter
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NTZ, Neo-Synephrine (brand of phenylephrine), Thenfadil
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holds are to be found in the country ? I am afraid there must
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himself in a comfortable farmhouse, where was a locked door.
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in place thereof inserting a brief statement of the con-
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local beat and irritation, retarding the developmeul and exten.
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I have insisted upon the lungs moulding the fluid, because it seems
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as a mere invasion-symptom, followed by the slow development of the disease
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the heart, pulmonary jugular and larger abdominal vessels.