the pericardial sac becomes more or less dilated, and it is sometimes so
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rheumatism calls for the addition of the remedies which are deemed appro-
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provement continued. Dr. Elliot concludes his report
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W. W. TOHNSTON. Practice. GEORGE B. HARRISON, Pediatric*.
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easy of digestion. In cases in which there is danger from the amount of
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very sultry, hot, and wet, and the body, at the time of death, very
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Pathological Character. — The stomach, aside from its oflSce as a
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through the day, but were not so severe as to prevent her from
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to the summit on one side. A pleural friction sound limited to the summit
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cure of habitual constipation and atonic dyspepsia.
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senteric Glands. — Mrs. E. Collins, aged 27 years, entered the
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Colic, Mania, Epilepsy, Irritability, etc. In the restlessness ^
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Samples of above So^>s SENT FREE» on application, to any Physician enclosing card
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reason to change or modify them. Nevertheless, we should be
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is referred. It is admissible in certain cases as a palliative, and, perhaps,
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An analysis of the symptomatic phenomena in different cases of dyspepsia
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for other medical advice. Dr. £. Hartshome was then called, and
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act as direct causes. The digestive powers may be overtasked by the
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ence to the profuseness, or otherwise, of the hemorrhage and the associated
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Usually a wine-glassful three times a day, half an hour
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grains, and the quantity thus increased daily till it got up to ten
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of the latter are not ))ropelle(l far enough to induce the irritation which
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sive debility, and died, at length, in the first stage of pneumonia, the
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predisposition to this affection. In the practice of every physician there
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avert impending death. After persevering effortswe succeeded in making
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PT 'P'RT'ATTT T* o r*ie 1 PARIS : 5, Pue Bourg-l'Abbe
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the vital powers before the resolution takes place. This disease belongs
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in successive layers, and that it was probably hardened faecal
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The first case is one in which the onset of the disease was so
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bursting of an aneurism should be suspected. It is to be borne in mind
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that with the absorption of the pleuritic efiusion the lung had
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should not be carried to the extent of producing marked or distressing
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From a superficial view of the pelvis and genitals, almost any
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inij her' last illness were that she was dropsical ; that there was difficulty
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special treatises, society reports, lectures, editorials,
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and, on the other hand, an unfavorable progress of the disease under con-
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as strongly marked as in acute pleuritis ; and these three affections have
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few days ; but if the disease ends in recover}-, many days and perhaps
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have been aptly termed, " peristaltic persuaders," will be found most con-
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and intestines b}^ emetics and cathartics, if any eff'ect be exerted, is as
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His physician tells me t^hat on the first occasion of his being
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without nuclei, mixed with cholesterine, globules of fat; and
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on their situation at the summit of the chest on one side. Separately they
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tion. Under erroneous notions, abstinence from liquid is sometimes car-