We were at too great distance from any competent surgeon, who could
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was also marked in the diaphragm. He found the same state of things present
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was made at noon, and at 12.20 the itching began to be
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a tumour about the size of a foetal head, measuring 4 inches across
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means. This is the endotoxin theory. All microbes are assumed to
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Tuberculin. — The only valuable use so far discovered for Koch's
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elected president of the Faculty. The doctor still retains his
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of "a peculiar murmur heard in certain parts of the chest of per-
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kidney trouble: arteriosclerosis through hardening of
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versity and extra-mural teachers. This proposal would tend to
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Weinsier, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Head Clinical
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Storekeeper Henry Johnson, who, until further orders, will perform
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condition is attended in all septic cases by fever and constitutional disturb-
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court, if they regard the evidence produced as satisfactory, the
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or fourth day, although in some cases it even appears later, as late e -s^^n 8*
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