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Anatomy, are free to general students ; but should a special certificate

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nerves, the pyramidal lateral tract, etc. We will return more fully to these

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ever, uncertain how much should be ascribed to treatment ; since, as has

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11. Associated movements are ahnormal movements which appear, while

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Amongst the Medical Societies of the United States are : The New

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Pain in the paralyzed parts is not uncommon. It is often to be referred to

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only after several attempts. The gait itself is straddling, and the legs are

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but connective tissue and fat. In other muscles we find, besides a number

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The disturbances of sensibility, like all other functions of the nerves, are

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mental depression, wakefulness, and neuralgia, and in still other cases gastro-

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lower part of the thorax is much expanded, the epigastrium is protruded, and

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these symptoms is the more important for the physician in that we often

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v2; Numerous styles of churns are used to -ake tu^te^- "hurn<; Ar^ ri^cc^^--

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Dissections, Histology, Physiology, Internal and External Pathology,

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edly employed this method with satisfactory results in the later stages of the

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By motor (ataxic) agraphia we understand, of course, not the inability to

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Ifttm Pila - Tf l-8ISt, P(B«ltfi^ ProoMiAtnft fiMpeetlem (18 filn)

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for active members, 5 dols.; annual subscription, 2 dels.

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cerebral hemorrhage. As has been said, it is only when a compensatory col-

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past events, however, may be fairly well retained. The fever increases, the

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{sttdi as p4nei«»ples, b«i«ias*'avo«i^, olive* , etc/) ere also st^ptible to chlllliw

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brain, but they are often to be explained by other conditions — arteriosclerosis,

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mensem; second class students, Bs. 25 per mensem; first class students,

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Thrombosis due to marasmus is most frequently found in the superior

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years. The ataxia finally becomes so great that the patient is bedridden. In