times excited and incoherent. Pulse 116, small, irregular, unequal ;

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prolonged and systole is strengthened but unaltered in time.

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-ened. Init not omitted, while there was any remaininsj^ dchility.


A.sylum contains suitable room for only 250 patients, but had 499

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of lime in one-drachm doses every three hours. The nourishment in all of the

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servation, is as follows : During the incipient stage of labor, she shuts

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yellowish or grayish-yellow; depressed in the centre, with a

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the skin, because local irritation and abscess may follow ;

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imported from Calcutta. Artificially, nitre beds aie made

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ment of this subject, tlie Surjfeon-General gives us much intere^tiny information

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room, every Saturday, at 11, A.M., beginning March 2S.

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prove fatal, or, owing to the volatile character of the drug^

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syrup of prunus virginiana are official. The latter prepara-

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was hell! at Pittstii'Kl, in the Cliemical Hall of the Medical CoIIeji^e,

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observation, and of Dr. Steiner, the excellent Sanitary Inspector at;

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mine the side, she retpiested to be turned a little to the right, which

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examination, by which MM. Luys, Parrot, and Tainaiel-Mauriac. have

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otic according to the strength and whether applied to the

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of the mouth (occasionally there may be nausea, vomiting

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disease. " My attention has been particularly directed to this sub-

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On tlu! third day there was a <2;reat improvement in the symptoms

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and suffering extremely. Rest, in the recumbent position, the free

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The report of Dr. S. L. Abbot, Physician to Out-patients, shows how

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of liquid nourishment may be given to small or medium-

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small closes, voraiting and cliarrlioea in large quantities ;

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Boric acid and borax, like other antiseptics, relieve

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prudence in Columbia College, New York." — Am. Med. 7'imes.

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Salicin crystallizes on evaporation, after removal of tannin

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prized and valuable, occurs most abundantly and thrives best)

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repeated, and a pump attached to the canula. After great effort

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The end of the lower, and also of the upper fragment, was cut oil" by

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in the vicinity of these parts. The hoofs and beaks often

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Mary L., aged 40, was admitted, on account of cough and debility,

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dura of 'the seventh pair. One week from injury this patient was