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tality from the operation is below 3 per cent. Marked
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isms. Others of greater value remain to be adduced, (a) We know that
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The remedy rests with yourselves. If you don't understand,
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treatment of epithelioma of the lower lip. The treatment
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in order to increase the expenditure of blood-elements in repairing muscu-
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can not fail to impress one who has been accustomed to our
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from fermenting garbage do not directly injure the public health, yet
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Paraffine Wax, 1 part ; melt and stir till cold and add
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to doubt, so far as the history of their cases could be obtained, that they were
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Lane, there are many hilarious stories told of mother-wit more Lish
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4 and 5 lb instead of 3 lb of charcoal. These are highly approved,
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reported 129 cases operated upon by Halsted's method
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stimulant ; for an adult, gr. Jg- may be given three or four
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Perineal distension, vaginal instrumentation, augmen-
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ing a good deal of intelligence. The manager of this club says he
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"Pandemic" (pan=all, demos=people) is a term used to describe
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allow the plate to cool, when upon development we will find
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sity than those which follow next. Occasionally such abortive strokes
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the case of Reg. v. Tottenham, Norwich Lent Assizes, 1845.)
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and Health, on Rehabilitation and Social Services, and
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out of the fifty-six candidates who have been under-
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