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clinical experience which these lectures have aflTorded me the opportu-
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successful and interesting meetings ever held by this Branch.
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disease of a fortnight's standing. Without doubt it had suffered from
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of the patient, who will sometimes ask to be relieved of the extremity
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bled at the nose. The catamenia were regular, and the bowels open.
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where the different portions of the harness exercise pressure and
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plications. July 27th ; and for Caterham, July 28th.
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among horses in hospital, or in the external cHnique.
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larger representation, though an indirect representation. A long dis-
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The provisions for heating the wards are quite insufficient. We
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antiseptic agents constitutes an important principle in modem surgery,
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with phlegm, and looked fresh. As long as he sat perfectly still it
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any of the laundry women employed in washing the clothing. This
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be placed above the lowest fishes— such as the lancclet— in spite of the
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have but a short distance to traverse before reaching the heart, and we
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size of peas, taken from the body of a boy aged seven years, micro-
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placed in the wound and fixed by sutures passed through the margins
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my friendly duty by making several suggestions which
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or of three boards with one uniform equal form of examination, I
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the one sex as a whole cannot possibly progress without also elevating
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BRISTOL GENERAL HOSPITAL -Assistant House-Surgeon : applications,
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space, but show at a glance similarities and differ-
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emboli) ; finally, loss of strength and collapse ; such are said to be the
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varied^'between 38'5° and 39'3° C. Every three or four days the gauze
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On the following days the parotid regions increased in size and
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prolonged at apex. 40. Systolic shock a little pro-
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* See De la vertu admirable de guerir les escrouelles, par le seul
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morning. The medical gentlemen examined yesterday st.ated that the
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viously obtained, it is, therefore, always necessary to state which virus
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Digitalis infusion, with acetate of potass, was now substituted, but
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The knowledge of the subject in 1S67 had acquired such a full re-
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finger. Some had developed in the skin, others in the subcutaneous
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by the symptoms of the accompanying disease. When it occurs as a
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