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Association call for the preparation of the list of dele-
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nary institutions. The rules of conduct prescribed in
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ternational Globe Co., Continental National Bank Building,
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If it becomes loose it should be replaced and the treatment
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Dr. G. de N. Hough, New Bedford, Mass.— In 1898 I had a
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judicial decision, such for example as the right to claim
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chronic genoralizeil affections of the kidneys, but not senile
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2 cases of pericarditis. The remaining eases of peri-
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of milk, the toilet of the mouth should be made with some
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intramuscular or even the intra-abdominal injection of cocain.
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Physicians and Pauper Practice.— An agreement has been
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the third and fourth, or even the fifth and sixth cervical
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tissue of the liver was moderately increased. The peripheral
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with a large quantity of bloody serous fluid, about 1% pints
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frequently when the infant is turned over to the physician a
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la grippe, recovered partly, but felt very severe pains in the
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is found in obstruction of the intestinal canal, car-
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the pelvis and owing to the possible motion of the lumbar
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horses' serum. Positive results were also obtained by treating
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Parts of the Body." He reviewed the dangers and disad-
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curred among the Chinese. The ordinary cases of plague b^in
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moment; still, I would like to state my position. Dr. -Judd
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was in a perfectly healthy and normal condition, and the plain-
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results, the patient doing well for two days. On the
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Society convened for its annual session at the Northampton
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the meeting of this society held May 9, in Wobum, Dr. (Charles
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antly told this to her physician, and said: "I told you
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have said all of the good things I can say about your splendid
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ciple that plague is diffused by rats. "There is no royal