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Diagnosis. — The distinction from hemorrhage into the cord or mem-

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blood-vessels are also conserved — a point of vital importance.

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of the urethra. Should excoriation occur, bland ointments, as of zinc

toxicity and pathology of digoxin

systolic rolling murmur, which is best heard over the lower sternum and

antidote for digoxin toxicity

septic action. Swabbing the pharynx with a silver-nitrate solution (gr.

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gastric tumor occur — lipomata, sarcomata, fibromata, and cysts.

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colored illustrations on 40 plates, and 228 pages of text. Cloth, $3.00 net.

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Definition. — Myositis, either general or local, in which the affected

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complexion and anasarca are most characteristic of chronic exudative

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principles. Should free hematemesis occur, it should be treated as pre-

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ment of the other organs (lungs, lymphatics, liver).

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