Operative measures. — The roofs of both inferior canaliculi were slit. Repeated

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ently due to the diuretic action of the collargol, since in every

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There has been, it is true, quite a little typhoid fever

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affect the pregnant woman, the parturient woman and

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is due to infection, infiltration and subsequent contraction. This

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allow, he kept himself well up with the literature of his profession,

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meeting is announced to take place m Richmond, July, 1875.

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geon-Major De Lisle (P. MO. in Jersey), and Dr. Gordon,

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birth could ever be mistaken for violence inflicted on the body of a child after its

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the independent rights of our southern friends. If we had the means

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table, injuries to brain and membranes, and probable

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accommodation, 15.8 per cent fluctuation in accommodation, and 26.3

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Tiibing,, 1893, x, 433 - 468.— 'Wheeler (\V. I.) Fracture

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practitioner who superintends the adjustment of the instrument.

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year as councilor I have done some missionary work, as it may be termed^

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C. Localising symptoms of abscess of the temporo-splienoidal lube. ()

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immediately be performed. The parts having been shaved, a single

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