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placed in the tube of a funnel to render the syrup clear and
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tiabulbari. Gazz. med. lonib., Milano, 1897, Ivi, 297; 305.—
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found that it is within the leucocyte that all protozoio* material is
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enterprise. The Prime Minister himself coined the expression that we
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showing various stages of degeneration, and may undergo absorption,
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ence, accepted positions which would give them the experi-
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especially when he went up stairs, a stiffness and soreness in the knees,
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with elevated. edges ; in a third a clapj without any
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hand is placed on the abdomen. Reflex action of the
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criticised by Meinert^ who exposes several of the fallacies connected
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tive tract. The course of gastric cancer of early life is,
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testicle was finally removed at the urgent request of the
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formed in Germany, by Professor Graefe, as will be seen in
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spring although he has never presented any symptom of them himself.
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In thirty of the cases there was delirium, and witli the de-
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have been obliged to allow that they have seen instances in which a sore
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Polaillox related two cases of strangulated umbilical hernia occurring in women,
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cially between the inferior surface of the lung and upper surface of the diaphragm.
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the two scholars mentioned above as attending another school suffered
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trachea. The records of 372 consecutive patients intubated
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cotton once moistened can be used several times at a
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tions); and two cases acquired from contacts who had
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eral (after perforation). As regarded treatment, the chief
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a small bottle of Merck's crystals of the hydrochlorate of
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PraBcordial pain occurring thus early, and after the manner
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illegitimate births presented in this same table. In
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so placed as to cause this movement. It arises from the an-
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by any movement which calls the abdominal muscles into
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them to do what he says. When the Superior Court judge tells them to
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waterproof Mackintosh is placed. The whole is retained by a bandage
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stances which it is the function of the kidneys to excrete, either by an
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to be so great at the seat of injury — the junction of the middle and upper
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outer and posterior surfaces of the limbs. In a few
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lish later a more detailed description of it, but the following outline,
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exercise. He also employs this alternation of hot and cold water to
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