reduction of the nitrates (dentrification), by which JS" 2 may be split off.

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another. In a recent compilation of all the studies carried out

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the skin, or by accidental ingestion of these larvae. In either event

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directly after delivery, the actual results gathered at the end of

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samples of ice cream mix at periodic intervals. Send to

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I. Beef (Unarmed) Tapeworm (Taenia Saginata) (LandN,

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air-passages, and occasions a spasmodic cough, which is sometimes

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(2) Spinal fluid, sputum, and other materials. Culture on

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toxins are not generally available. The symptoms of botulism in

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and a gentleman." This, however, was more than could be swal-

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alarming figure of 50 per cent. Measles is mild in sucklings under 6

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already entered into fatal combination. Antitoxine, then, is not merely

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if present. Add the blood to the broth, about 2 ml of

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" who it is that administers these things " ; but let it be a frank

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tissues. They are most readily demonstrable in the fresh state by

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— As has been already hinted, the great difficulty of isolating this

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Treatment. — The management of influenza turns upon common-sense

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trachea and bronchi are deeply injected and covered with

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Krakow made repeated inoculations into rabbits and other animals with pure

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material. If a colored substance other than the determined sub-

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species of bacteria varies from 24 hours to several weeks.

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the first week in June, is caused chiefly by the pollens of trees.

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transfused into another dog, does not produce diabetes. Others again

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inflammation, but they become more evident with the disappearance of the

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alkali may be used to remove the oxygen from any con-

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at the top as is not occupied by the gas extracted from

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The forty-third annual meeting of the society was held in

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but of the individual. Hahnemann himself speaks of cases

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inspection, the velum palati is seen to hang motionless during respiration

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of cardiac weakness with a development of intense dyspnea.

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entered the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Hospital on Tuesday,

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the expense of these treatments is much increased both on

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negative reaction should be incubated overnight before discarding

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a void and in our hearts a grief which time will not conquer We shall miss his

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Desiccation. — A yellowish matter, like thick honey, oozes from the