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produced by a formative force inherent in molecules and independent of
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rous enough to constitute an epidemic, it is a matter of common observa-
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ficient for the inference that the source of tlie causative miasms is in the
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content, if, when the hour of suffering and dismay has passed,
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sugar out of the portal blood, and that this sugar passes through
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Dr. Warren occurred in the practice of obstetrics, nor have we
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ing, marsh miasmata, etc., probal)ly act only as co-operating causes, ren-
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that it was a case of the leucocythiemia of Dr. Bennett. The
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tember, and continues six months. During this session, in
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in the cases which recover, the powers of the system are generally impaired
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heart. The kidneys participate in the congestion, and the secretion of
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for a few days. During the week previous to the 12th ult. she had more
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Bronchorrhagia, or bronchial hemorrhage, exists in the great majority
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to the parts, as when cerebral softening arises from arterial obstruction ;
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most unfavorable for diseases affecting the mucous membrane of
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and all these cases require rest, change of iliought and liv-
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day, when his carriage was noticed by a person in anxious search
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' This case is given more fully in the Buffalo MediQalJournal, vol. ii. p. 641, 1846.
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harm by directing to the subject the attention of those prone to dyspepsia.
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in the diagnosis, or want of promptness in resorting to efficient interference.
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other public body, had already provided for that commemoration
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in great abundance, shows hyper-secretion or morbid transudation into