fensiveness should be in proportion to the irritability of the lining
l'amélioration de son bien-être. Et comme l'expérimentation non thérapeutique ne sert
indoctos semper proinptissima sumit, \ Vt data sit nulli parua repulsa libro. \ Hunc ergo accipiet,
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Description: Paper, 11^x8, ff. 190, written in single cols, of 23 lines, each 8^x5,
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Begins : (f. 91) Appendix. | inserviens lectioni ac studio legendi.
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that carbonic acid exists in greater quantity in venous blood, than
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or six grains had several times nearly purged him to death. I
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cians of the United States proved wholly unavailing in throwing
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adenoids, the interference with the development of both body
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rectum. Professor Stolz at first was of the same opinion, and various
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condition, an acute bend, where the suspensory ligament of
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be careful to select the forward hatchway in decending to his apart-
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enumerating the different forms of scrofulous cachexia, Dr. Roesch ar-
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historiated initial with gestures forming a fioreated border. See Remarks] Ibrum prudentis
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adversary. Dr. Armstrong is the only author with whose wri-
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correct perverted action of the liver, than it is to arouse it to pro-
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(except for back panels, stamped with thistle) the same as in V. 4. 10 and 11 ; the
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tended to discourage the study of diagnosis, and to render our
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Efuncto herode : ecce apparuit angelus domini in somnis ioseph dicens. Surge and ending :
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quent pain in the loins and in the region of the bladder; nor did his dy-
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tive exploration of the nature of its contents in that manner. —
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the urinary organs, its efficacy may be much greater than we have hith-
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O4. g. 17, 18]) was made, was probably that published at Leyden in 1726. [Brit. Mus.
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646. FARID AL-DIN 'ATTAR, PAND NAM AH. [Persian] S. 7. 3.
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The prognosis is, of course, ver)' bad, and, needless to say,
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further extension need be apprehended, while the risk of
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fly-leaves (v 3 .), v, 1. made (with iv, 3.), v, 2. attached (over iv, 4.). 15, 10 v°. is blank.
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A Commonplace Book, the only piece of any length being the Tuhfatu'l Muluk ('A Gift for
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The History, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Typhoid and Typhus
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was nearly gone already. He therefore gives a decided preference to
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The evils which have resulted from the habit of prosecuting
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student of medicine.*' Nor will they demur to the allegation, while
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de Carolo | Zeno (14 18) | Demosthenis Oratio Olynthiaca \ III in Latinum conversa ]
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