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ganism — is not the perfect progenitor. Everything
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the gross effects of an overdose of alcohol, but there
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ness enl.-~.rged. Heart tones, .good. Spleen, not palpable.
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ing to deeper, fuller respiration obviates the period
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free to the public. The series began on Tuesday evening,
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root, and will give rise to another new plant. When
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Local antiseptic applications have given only uncer-
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x5. Imbert and Astruc. Journal of Pharmacy, 1889, 10,
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age sufTered, nor shall any weekly payment payable under
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to the Department of Health of the City of New York
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tabolism : it influences the body temperature, and in
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still complain of pelvic pain, leucorrhoejil discharge,
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tissue changes are not very marked, active surgical
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easily, naturally, and irresistibly would sleep and
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signs of their physiological effects — in therapeutic
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or physical. And while selfishness is the philosoph-
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reports a case in which he injected novococaine o.l
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duces toxic effects. Care should be taken to obtain
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the temperature is below 34° C. it is quite diflferent
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Let lis put the matter in the form of a parallel : —
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have a tendency to occur in groups and are found espe-
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the great cosmos itself, in all its departmental sec-
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Assistant Surgeon Long, who has had much experience in
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ident, Dr. H. C. Buell, of Canandaigua ; vice-president, Dr.
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day is quite .sufficient, and the larger doses are to
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extent further loss of fluid from the blood, and so
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servations were subjected to precisely similar con-
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below the incision, and moderate corrective pressure
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meal is supposed to be more valtiable in that it allows
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present ; slight patellar refle.x ; well marked ankle clonus.
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the Naval Hospital, Olongapo, P. L, and ordered home.
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98.6° F. ; pulse, 120; respiration, 32. Operation at 8.30
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my laboratory, has found that all tissues have some