WiEGER, a pupil of Recklinghausen's, in Virchow's Archiv (vol. Ixxviii., part
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prepare such a document in the course of two or three morn-
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of the Department will call. Shortly after appears a man
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Fig. 7-9. For testing purposes, only 3 mm and 5 mm translational distances on three
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Eldson, Chicago Medical Times : — In reply to your
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Balearic Islands, Chios, Rhodes, Samothrace, Hyeres Islands (off
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When all hitherto described, has been carried out, there will
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behind by the spinal column and the lower end of the longus colli muscles.
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advances eflTected in the interval, and also the lines along which f\irther progress should be
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with the breaking-up of blood-corpuscles — for instance, cirrhosis of
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told, however, not to take two doses if one gives relief, and not to exceed three
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instance, his allusion to the celebrated experiment of Messrs.
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SCHWBINITZ, A. M , M. D., of Philadelphia. With seventy-six colored plates and
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continues to rise, the albuminous opacity begins to be visible.
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abdominal sympathetic of which had been cut, but not in animals
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The following table represents the vital statistics of the community
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solution, is secreted, and mixed with it in a short time. If a tena-
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tion ; (2.) Suppuration, the gland becoming hard in parts, which
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The Student's Quiz Series. Ekiitedby Bern. B. Gallaudet, M.D.
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of the most urgently needed and widely felt reforms in sanitary
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London when I brought the subject forward, was kind enough
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articles of food. The higliest temperature observed was
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of manufacture, and all the colorings obtained from vege-
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instead of chloroform. I should certainly at all times be induced to give it a
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a distinct edge or border. In 1876, Dr Moxon had a patient under his care
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Under observation since May 5, 1900, and regarded for a time as a case
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1817, many northern and foreign sailors had been induced to go as