ing from pressure on the rectum, and are apt to have
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es of medical science which particularly relate to public hygiene.
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but not between meals. Tsed to eat a good deal of sw(H't stuff.
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Gypsum splint on eighth day and posterior splint at end
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ossificans and he had gxiod movement in the back and all the
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was capable of producing a great deal of injury. It ought
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He was cyanotic^ had considerable ascites, and his feet and
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fref [uently rudimentary in this class of peoj^le than in others.
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portance, and should never be lost sight of in discussing the
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bowel, it would be best to open the abdomen above Poupart's
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usually breaks through the gum, discharging pus, with relief of the
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of head and face, 670 ; transfusion of blood in cattle-
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1 Micro-Photo(jra]>l(S in Histology, Normal and Pathological. No. 3. By Carl Seileu,
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of the means of sanitary reform, urges upon ! Dr. R. D. Arnold, Savannah; Dr. H. G.
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Aside from the abortive or curative treatment just stated, i>nllintivo
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and these operations demand exactness. Take, for instance, the
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joint with great thickening of all the tissues, and later an absorption of the
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which was ascertained from his medical adviser — was such as would,
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and will always serve a most useful purpose in the control of tuber-
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Xo regurgitation. Patient died of heart-iailure the following day. I
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milligrammes (2 to 7.7 grains). Practically no clinical reports
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the most correct results that are attainable, one must cover the patient's
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Complications. In one variety, called by Cullen retro-
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pated nature. To-day this plan is almost never adopted
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that year, 53 in number : Of these the average age is 24| years ; the
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investigations are successfully pursued, and the knowledge of the real
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our future position in medicine to establish our ability
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bacilli in six cases. The author then reports a number of
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tages in this disease that they command in typhoid fever. Cold sponge-
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opalescent, and in a few instances distinctly turbid. In
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to produce much effect, besides a mere detergent one, they
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it, and then by the reaction of the sac and its coverings re-
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between the trabecule of the spleen, which contain the pulp, in