tism, and who were only questioned as regards the occurrence of
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valves of the aorta pain and difficulty of respiration are prominent
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else it must act as the necessary connecting link between some re-
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I)les taught that gout was caused by an excess of bile and other secre-
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Perfect cleanliness must be observed. The patient's strength
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lieved to be fat. Moreover, it was observed by Subottin, Yoit, and
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tive nerve to the air. A little oil of clove placed in the cavity usually
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The trouble with home prescribing is apt to be that you consider
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give substantial aid to the effort to create in New
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What we want is an explanation which will apply to all cases of that
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food, also stimulants, as beer and alcoholic drinks. Tonics contain-
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inal vessels and the portal system, although persistent high blood
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roughened by the destruction of the endothelial layer.
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tained from the administration of quinine, used in connection with
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with a brown stone front nor surfeited with Porter-house steak.
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assigned the name of " Goutte Asthenique Primitive," and it has been
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annihilating the danger which had formerly attended operative sur-
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disease is said to be much less prevalent in mild climates, where out-
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dren also increasing so that in a short time the entire family of myo-
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readily recognized. This injury is easily reduced with the patient
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sufficient quantity of fat and carbohydrates but also much too little
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Besides this, it must never be forgotten that, no matter how shoi't
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melted, according to the nature of the food with which it is to be taken.
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Sometimes it commences abruptly, but more often there are various-
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monly apphed is in reality a misnomer, for in nearly every case definite
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limbs, nausea and vomiting, and a frequent desire to pass water.
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The advocates of the lactic-acid theory of rheumatism have taken
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Mix. Use in atomizer by throwing it up the nose freely and repeat
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beer — is said to raise the body weight at once by several pounds.
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patients also present another deformity which at first sight may be
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the question which one b most effective b not of consequence. When the
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carbohydrates ingested are excreted again unconsumed (Kiilz, Leo,
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leads to the ingestion of a greater quantity of food. The latter re-
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frequently meet with gall-stones in diabetics, especially in corpulent