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with the assistance of Sir AValter Foster and Dr. Farqiiharson,

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Baber (Brighton), Bennett (Leicester), E. Jacob (Leeds), R.

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solution (3ij to Oj), introducing a pint in one case and a pint and a-half

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Baxter, F.R.M.S., F.R.S. London : Crosby, Lockwood and Son.

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Church, Twickenham, by the Rev. David Anderson, rector of St.

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the one sole protection against small-pox, and in the face of

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Barlow, promoted to be Vice-Chairman ; on Captain Barlow's

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generally; it has only been extended to officers of the Indian Medical

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interest in the affairs and management of the General Hos-

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tained at supper and presented with a testimonial and gifts

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symptoms, intense local pain, and nausea, associated with

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which Death was caused by Vomiting. Dr. Colcott Fox ;

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poisonous. The fatal dose for human beings probably is

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fungi. Many observers sought to discover a specitiG micro-

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a reference to tlie statute nj George III., c. 150, answered that. The Act

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