protoplasm matter and pigment matter, in which striation
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48. The basal metabolism was within normal Hmits. The
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is occasionally severe, but in the daytime the thermometer but
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' Journal de Physiologie,' 1861, Wagner, in his observations on the functions ot
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Alibert, and the development of the term. Alibert considered
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weakened by age or excessive labour ; it agrees also with patients
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20 centimetres (nearly eight inches), to the extreme surprise
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stration, with deafoess, and penistent wakefulness."
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it normally should be, so that it appeared to form a complete stric-
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measures lor tin- prevention of sickness. This is a point which should not bo over-
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proper remedial agents to strengthen the muscles and the system generally, and
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and the extremities were shaken with each heart-beat. The
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Aidstant-Sarceon to, and Lecturer on Phyiiology at, the Westminiter Hoepittl.
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Pathological Anatomy. — ^The author's observations on this
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patient gradually became run down and very pale. Her weak-
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eases of the throat, the lungs, and the heart, are the necessary consequences, and
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the fibrillse are composed of alternate layers of doubly and
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life after birth, she is equally responsible for it before.
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tions relating to the symptoms, post-mortem appearances, &c.,
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mind, and ofl or less degree of paralysis upon the spirit ; the
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ened secretion, which causes them to assume a tubercular
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Hepatoduodenostomy (hep"at-o-du-o-den-os'to-me) . The surgical
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stimuH be erased, the individual is at once deprived of all the
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their charring ; or looking across the test-tube, we shall see the
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the FroHch syndrome. She also has had a relative amenorrhea
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and properly preserved and supported, as nature designed, so thai the whole remain
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also to smeU of iodine. The bromide is very soluble in water, but
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One form of cold bath is the cold air batfi. This consists in exposing the body for
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kidney for a long period of time may have had a deleterious
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less frequently than a diminution in the strength of the pulse. In
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could only be read with great difficulty. The originally blue, but
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was raised in the usual manner. Upon opening the dura a large
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womb. Dress, as I have shown, weakens all the muscles of the system, and pro-
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patient has returned to the Institute merely to spend a vacation
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searches of Helwig and Guy. Again, in speaking of the mani-