Whether pure or mixed the gas is sold at the uniform price of 6 cents a gallon. The cost of the cylinders will be reftllKle6
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calibre, to originate in the pulmonar}^ veins. On the other hand, it is not
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but slightly coated ; no emaciation or oedema of the lower ex-
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Here, too, the imperfections of existing knowledge will be frequently
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Whole of cash invested, $4,225 75, i ,, , . ^, ^^^ ^^
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largest city hospitals, and finally made bis way into an excellent
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friend's gradual restoration to health, so that it was deemed
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Dr. Hays stated that he had employed the cod-liver oil exten-
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occasional use in the hospital, though nearly superseded by the
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Cannabis Indica, 4 grains Ext. Lupuli and 5 minims fluid Ext. Cascara Sagrada, with
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writer "fluid flesh," and by another, the "fluid body," phrases
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it chars and destroys, while pure chloroform gives no color to
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would his numerous engagements, rendered so much more one-
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24 hours ; the administration of diuretin brought it up to
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down patients — usually aged people — children or youth — but
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physical methods of examination. Its development is not, as in the vast
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it was not until the second or third day that the characteristic
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campaigns in Virginia in the sunnuers of 18G2 and 18G3, bismuth, in my
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which tuberculous disease follows is not sufficiently large to show a pre-
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ing distressing dvspnoea, and frequently liquids are returned through the
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to, allow mild nourishment to be taken. He cites statistics showing the
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those due to the presence of mercury in the system, dates from the publi-
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cations for their emploj^ment, etc., constitutes general therapeutics. The
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by the use of the cod-liver oil and proto-iodide of iron, with the
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cases in which valvular lesions occur in those who have ncAxr had rheu-
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generated within the alimentary canal. If the number be not sufficient
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arterial blood going to the brain. It is found in larger quantity in the
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pneumonia occurring in very young patients. When the disease
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Villosa, Aletris Farinosa, Helonias Dioica, Mitchella Repens, Caulophyllum Thalictroides, Scutellaria Lateriflora.
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injection of the cerebral tissue were found by Dr. Hallowell in cases in
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Every ounce contains 3-4 dram each of the fluid extracts: Viburnum Prunifolium, Viburnum Opulus, Dioscorea
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sidered as convalescent, and allowed to sit up, when a renewal of the symp-
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more or less, in a direction toward the diaphragm. In like manner, if the
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the use of the lemon-juice up to July 1st, a period of nearly two
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in which the loss of blood has occasioned death, ulcerations have not been