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Each fresh infection of a Peyer's gland may be compared to an inoculation given for

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1883, is "A Model for Materia Medica." Each member of

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missed with a mere laudatory notice. While we commend it for

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operative skill and improved technic; to the radiographer upon

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battling in this way for months and years, has at last to admit as

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tain 4 units in 0.25 ml. This will be % the highest dilution of

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each respiration. The greater the vital capacity, the more it is

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from the fauces or pharynx, such extension generally taking place between

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the number of colonies per plate. A 0.1 ml plate with

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to be proved that it is a primary hyperplasia, and not a hyperplasia called into

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For use, mix equal volumes of A and B. A blue black color de-

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gious ? " The original additions are interesting and in the same

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colony type for catalase (see par. 296). Catalase-positive

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ally resonant, though slightly dull over upper portion of

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him he "knows lots"; that possibly some confiding and suffering

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flask measure 45 ml of the 5 percent trichloracetic

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high fever, early prostration, extreme restlessness, excessive diarrhoea,

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sary, as pressure of the breath can be used to expel

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for judging weight, but for judging stamina. In this connection

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Camel's-hair brushes (one pointed and one 2.5 to 3.7 cm wide).

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from the stomach. The distribution of the pain in these attacks

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being general to any inflammatory disease of the lungs.

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c. Standardization With Weighed Potassium Iodate. The

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(3) Sodium fluoride, 10 mg per ml of blood, will prevent not

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After the crisis is past the pulse may subside to a very low rate,

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resembling that of enteric fever, are occasionally but rarely met with.

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tion considers the source of the specimen, its hemolytic

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resided and practised till his death. He joined the American Institute of Homoeop-

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treated with aminonaphthol-sulfonic acid. Calcium is

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