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knowledge of existing means and of their proper applications,
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more, there has been both wisdom and probably some very good luck in
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In this connection disease may aptly be compared to fermentation,
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des Sciences Medicales, there are two groups which may be said to
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There was no sign of dartos on the right side of the
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The above, then, indicates that, although ptyalin is removed
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from a plexus around the muscle fibres. These plexuses
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pyrethrum powder and the fresh leaves of eucalyptus; while among the
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sat down upon the door-step of his ward, completely oblivious
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plates and coins. They had to be closed before being passed down
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this way only can we in this age of corpora- must catch the spirit of the hour so happily
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the medical course. We have found some advantage in giving students toward
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there the opportunity of observing closely the first
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The results of the four series of observations may be
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times. In all cases the idcer was found without much
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sea, vomiting, fever, twitchings and finally convulsions. The pupils
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under the microscope, except that they were more swollen than normal. When kept for days
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bruised, sore, traumatised nature, 5. Sharp, cutting or severe,
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localised to the seat of the haemorrhage, and not extending along the
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artificial anus, the operation would be likely to lessen the chances of a
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treatment offers the only hope of real cure, and that the earlier this
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vowels were printed ae, o e, and u e. Thus Lahmen is found
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ment, as far as it leads to a correct estimate of the nature of the disease.
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dication of the difficulty is often the best preliminary to its removal, I
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Fluorescent and Luminous Effects. — There are a great
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improvement must be gradual. Some become masters of mathematics,
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the care of vital statistics; examination of residences, and their
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and splenic veins were almost completely occluded by a thrombus which
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miraculous revelation, and filled our mental horizon with blissful
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to impose the poison label upon drugs, medicines and household
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screening is a preliminary review of the patient's condition and previous
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was continued as before, and in three months there was evidence
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out for about ten minutes, when he suddenly fell down dead.
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periodicity or recur at irregular, often j^rolonged, intervals, during which
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pared with the apparent extent of the mischief. The synovial mem-
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Sir Chbistophib Nixon, President of Medical Section.
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I found, on examining the eyes of persons who had died
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the ventricular cavity, ^ve have just seen, is at this time one and undivided.
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difficulty. The attendant symptoms fiimish the most trustworthy aids
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child on Wednesday, February 16, 1876. The labor was natural, and the
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