food introduced into the intestinal canal through the

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gastric contents, so that the food falls at once to the most

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within the last 20 Months, with Observations, by Macpherson Law-

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The child's left arm remains partially paralyzed. — Ar-

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became perceptible, and increased to 130. His colour improved, and he

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tions of the blood, or on local actions involved in inflammation, is at

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out and injure any medical school whatsoever, was no motive in the

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There remains, therefore, something besides the idea that the causes

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While this is true, one may rightly study critically the condition of the

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United States .Army." " Remarks on Croup and Dijih-

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place it within the reach of all members of the profession.

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4 of 29 cases was there very marked interstitial change, and this

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to the ovaries and uterus. A double silk ligature, car-

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Iloiiiaopatliij, a/Ill Ilo'mvopalliic l\ riliiKjs. 187

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^fcmtefiore Home. First edition, 340 jtagcs. Philadelphia

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sugar voided with it from 26 ounces avoirdupois to rather less

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nation of typhoid fever, cholera, bacillary and amoebic dysentery. It

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than one third, are of that sort. Four cases had to

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quainted. He had always been very stout and hearty.

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This flea attacks not only man but many wild and domesticated animals as well,

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Try to eat every day much butter, bacon, oil on salad, and

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Officers.— President, Carlos J. Finley, Havana, Cuba ; first

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already given have been applied to it, to wit, scleremus, scleria, sclerosis,

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The main complications are presented by the lungs. The accompanying

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notwithstanding its insolubility in water. The fact seems to be sufficiently

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cited by the artificial breath of a pair of bellows.

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on the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the

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mon in the larynx than is supposed. Some of the cases of

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who are unfamiliar with its regulations, but it is as important to the physician as

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to the X-ray, I believe, on May 15th last, in the hope of locating a

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their character, it is evident that for a successful con-

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their digestive organs are endowed witli peculiar susceptibilities which ])revent

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habits and a good constitution, with excellent muscular

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effect of finasteride on semen production

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sclerosis, in which, however, they were fortunate enough to esti-

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Assistant to the Professor of Midwifery and Diseases of Women and Children in the

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the bones of the metanotum — it is shown at G, figure 7.

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large rivers, and is ultimately lost in the Gulf of Mexico or