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adults, though it may also occur in the weak and pale-faced. It is more
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to ulceration of the mucous membrane, and often in the absence of a
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several cases in which reaction of degeneration of more than a
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the other. Ultimately the patient may lose all power in the affected
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period is not significant, and is usually a mixture of yellow,
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[e) Tertiary Lesions. — These are circumscribed inflammatory prod-
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placed short lateral offshoots, the buds or gemmules. The axis-cylinder
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with perhaps some slight speech-disturbance. In the course of time every
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Uremic Amaurosis. — Blindness may follow uremic convulsions, or,
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rapidly developed. " On examination after death the arteries are found
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cially the left) are more frequently expanded than the ventricles : hence
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imperfect development or to atrophy following vascular obstruction or
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tenacious muco-pus, and here and there may be noted denuded areas,
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tion rather than expansion during the act of inspiration. The respi-
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process to the external surface of the pericardium, either from the deeper
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[b) Simple purpura demands arsenic, first in moderate doses, and then
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or cardiac disease, it often destroys life with great rapidity. Inflammatory
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A more reliable test for lactic acid than the foregoing is that of
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each syringomyelia was found. In Gombault's case neuritis was present,
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cells, and some giant cells. Other morbid processes in the adrenals that
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tardation of intellectual development. Occasionally — and this even in
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are extremely rare. Courvoisier records 24 cases of fistulfe into the
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These children are, as a rule, mentally deficient, varying from what
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common duct is usually unattended by any great enlargement of the
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different man is also clear, he has no opinions and is, therefore,
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association with measles, whooping-cough, scarlet fever, and diphtheria,
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of the heart be involved. There is some fever., but the degree of ele-
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in the abdomen or elsewhere, as a symptom, may be due to a great
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