in some phases. We therefore dissent from Brug's conclusion that the
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legation ■, a noble Subjctf it is, but never brought
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Daniel L. Everitt, M.D., 29 Madison Street, Brooklyn, N. Y.
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ance. The pulse was quick and feeble ; the tongue parched and
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1. Extensive suppurating wounds associated with a subacute form of
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either with or after the local means, are, — Bryonia, Rhus, tox., and
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was inserted by Dr. Beebe after a preliminar}^ operation on the lids.
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In November, I was called to see Miss , of Fitchburg,
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She rallied, however, and in six weeks it became necessary to again
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seminated by carriers or through the drinking water. Both were re-
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hurried. Ordered to repeat the draught, and to have an emollient
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not ufe the A£t of Generation, by reafon of the cold-
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swelling, heat, redness, and puffiness of the part subsided under the
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Polyjar cu , or a too great Flefhinels and Fatnefs of
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in the first place, the general constitutional symptoms which attend it,
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Dr. Williamson was called. He said we must by all means save
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gress of cholera from Britain to Quebec, as compared with its march
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the Cape of Good Hope, to the East and West Indies, and the countless
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Uepetatur Vinwn. — January 6th. Slept well ; no raving ; countenance
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ceps or cataract needle. The loop, in passing over the smooth sur-
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assumed a typhoid character, and measles prevailed, but of a purely in-
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120, fall and bounding. His whole body was covered with maculae ;
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under fever, will frequently exhibit a very remarkable succession of in-
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and rebellious Fiftula’s •, walhing them firft with the
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cerning the nature and treatment of each ease, is peculiarly interesting,
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which is called Cow Itch, which fee in the Exoticks ’
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arrive at a plan of treatment adapted to meet the exigencies of the ma-
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toms, arising without any obvious cause, running a rapid and fatal course,
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the fertile invention of accoucheurs could devise, have been sug-
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the Extrait of • put it into a Bolt-head, with its