the animal matter and the nitre has been made in a morter.
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diphtheritic, two cases, affection of the heart and clonic
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B = Number of fever cases, especially typhus and relapsing {see Chart 9).
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with a coil is limited, owing to the flare when the primary current is
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shown is peri- and end-arteritis, which occurs freely in the mature placenta ;
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and efficient. Rural village 38 miles northeast of Madi-
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become attenuated by its wide ditFusion through the closely packed population
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cuse, the Mayor of Syracuse and the Dean of the Medical De-
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ulceration is going on in tlie intestine. The new cells undergo fatty degene-
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mortem appearances in both cases were similar ; viz.
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posed the "sown" tubes, for a time varying between 3
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practice as to the dose and the time of administration
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the address of the society. The physician agrees to give this address
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have raised their production from 444,917 gallons{a) to-
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to a trifling sinus a week later, and entirely closed at
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shed much light on these cases. The ulcer very frequently penetrates
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and the patient was so improved that standing and walking
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article showed that the importance claimed for the bacteria
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crucial experiment so far as infection by dust is concerned. Judging
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under such circumstances. Or it may be that the patient is
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markably displayed, and nature herself provides that the direction and
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remained moist, and in the course of the disease, became covered with a
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Influenza is a specific infectious disease and usually arises epi-
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For the stage of rice-water discharges, I should be
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experience. As to the modification of that operation
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tivity against Enterobius vermicularis (pinworm) and Ascaris lumbricoides
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inflammatory conditions secondary to influenza are the acute
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that Jehn and Schiile were thus misled. The experi-
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four of the cases the hectic fever was severe ; in one especially so, and accom-
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1983. Medical education, University of Arkansas for
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by an organism like the streptococcus, that would help to explain how, in
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emergency room service. I took my turn in performing
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fest overcrowding of the profession. It is reported, he say.^,
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will be on the practical clinical application of newer advances in cardiovascular
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of boiling water, and very soluble in boiling alcohol ; also
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keep the uterus up and to deal with the chronic labial inflammation.
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produced by deformity of the spinal column, and it therefore
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of diphtheria from the bacteriological stand-point only.
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I^JjLJ turned to the left from the hips, the arms maintaining the same
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few intermarriages took place. In succeeding generations,
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diagnosticating and treating "ofT-liand some skin affections in
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5. That the rhythm changes, and may be expressed thus,
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the deaths from •" stone." But if these were detected earlier,
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edge, has important pathological relations. Experiments and clinical