Chadderton in Lancashire; Bradford, Halifax, Wakefield, Leeds, and

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deen ; Mr. W. W. Pryn, London ; Mr. H. E. Powell, London ; Dr. R.

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and careful ; " and that "these cases pointed to some other

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public. Looking to the importance of its objects, and to the

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M. Kelsch, at the meeting of the Academic de M^decine ir^

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Dr. John Mills Brown, who retired on May 10th. Surgeon-

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Richmond; Dr. J. F. W Tatham, Manchester; VV. H. TurnbuU, M B.,

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brought into notice, especially at Guy's Hospital, where a

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earlier than in the north-east of Ireland ; May flowers of the north are

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precedent created in the former year, presentations were made to the;

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other Government or other Parliament to be dealt with

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Surgeon-Major-General, with compulsory retirement at 60,

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in the matter. Tlic fault rests solely with the subscribers, who ought

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the committee infection was attributed to personal inter-

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mitted into the workhouse hospital on April 20th, 1893. They both lived

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dressed to Dr. Beck by the chemist alluded to in the British Medical

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charity is systematic and disgraceful. Until some effective

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Women randidales.-K. I. Clutterbuck, E. E. Goodrick, MP. Graham,

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in 1889 and 1890 have had a relapse. The medical men of the

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Simple Ulceration of the Stomach, and made some remarks

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munications are promised : — Dr. David Lees : The Treatment of Peri-

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all smoke, which Is entirely consumed and turned into heat while in

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foods in general, and he very soon got denounced himself as

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meisures for the compulsory examiuatinn oE women, and for licensing

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perforation or gangrene of the appendix may be regarded as

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ance in referring to them. From the above it will be inferred

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these appointments are usually made we should imagine tiiat the issue

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entirely due to the fact that their addresses are not known ;

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retarding influence of four to eight minutes ; and that when

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valuable aid to iron in the treatment of anfemia, and that for

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Of course, if the Board's medical staff were the mercenaries

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way as nerve shock, either the result of mental emotion or