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ence. When they occur on mucous surfaces they are highly vascular,

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of temperature is higher, the gastric disturbance is more marked, the

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Inflammation of bone is a very frequent cause of a phlebitis which leads

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the upper one being lifted and tightly drawn across the teeth,

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compression is caused by hemorrhage, if the hemorrhage is extradural,

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a single hydatid tumor. When the ova of the taenia reach the liver, the ques-

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development. In the milder cases the vesicles only, without the efiiores-

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fection. Second attacks are exceedingly rare. The exact time in the

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of i)al})italion, which nuiy be so violent as to produce a visible enlarge-

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grow smaller and smaller as time adTances ; faecal matter may at times

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emanates from the bodies of those who are affected with the fever. Care-

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Treatment. — Dr. Rutty stated more than a century ago that all those

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centre of the tubercle has become caseous, the vessel wall is also altered

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fluid disappears the thickened pleural surfaces come in contact, and more

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TypJtlitiSy sometimes called ''caecitis," although a catarrhal inflamma-

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m^ parts, to an onuMital iiernia drafrfrinpT it out of its normal position,

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no expectoration), having a metallic ring, like a "nervous cough." Such

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becomes unconscious and quietly coases to breathe. The disease always at-

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inflammation may take place, while in other eases, fibrous tissue and

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Prognosis. — Acute non-infectious endocarditis is rarely a direct cause of

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appear in the urine. Slight albuminuria is present in 35 per cent, of the

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oxysmal shooting or stabbing pain over the heart, in the left shoulder, or

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and with the other hand in front it may be pressed backward and below

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ed. The hip is flattened, and there is considerable

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tions bring decomposing vegetable matters to the surface ; these, under

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tion, while in atrophy it is smooth on its surface.

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