prompts the asking of the question, why ? It does not necessarily
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in five of the thirteen cases (including our own) the signs of rupture
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the progress of disease is now admitted by all physicians. The
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of the fever, while in diseases of the liver it often notably de-
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the vagina as a parturient canal, and becomes so sensitive that
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Chelone has been employed with decided benefit in the various
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or respiration. In intermittent fever the temperature begins
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surgeon of the venereal hospital in Paris — by birth an
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toward the centre, until the final enervation of the heart is
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number of chronic conditions in which the secreting, absorbing
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"Sulphurous acid may be employed in yeasty vomiting, in
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pression, when they can be referred directly to inaction of the
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SYMPTOMS : — The animal exhibits great uneasiness,
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Now we have a full list of text-books, or books of reference, and by fre-
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stimulates the gastric glands. It is especially adapted to cases in
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can never be replaced or understood by such finite creatures
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stage of engorgement. As hepatization of the engorged lung
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ter admission, gangrene progressed until it reached tiie dorsum of both feet,
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countable frequency or hardness of pulse, and an unpleasant
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has been expressed that the disease is transmitted to man from
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cannot be heard until late in pregnancy, or not at all.
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and seemingly complicated manifestations. In no depart-
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The bromide of lithium is the most hypnotic of all the bro-
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lerier, all experimented upon inoculation with the products
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another a'-ray examination made about two weeks later. (A second
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frequent that the present one may well enough be put on
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modify the inspiratory excursion of the costal border on the afi'ected
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hemorrhage from the bladder it is deemed a remedy of usefulness.
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gestion usually yielding to its influence. It is contraindicated in
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attention. It is the instrument of M. Liebreich with some
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rent in the capsule, fully three inches in length, was encountered running
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Abortion consists of slinking or slipping of calves.
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coagulum; (2) its color, and the heightening of it by liquor
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food with insufficient exercise. Exposure to changeable
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The stimulus of the sense of taste is sent by the nerves of
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colicky pain ; feculent discharges with tenesmus ; chronic diarrhea
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mucus streaked with bright blood; chronic intestinal catarrh;
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Sudden Deaths are classed under tioo heads — Accidents
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breathing becomes labored and faster and the fowl soon