Jones's care, in the hospital, June, 1858, who passed a large lum-
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occur in both eyes at once. Hence we might wonder that inflam-
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ring it to lesions of the solids, and others to disorganization of the fluids.
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The tinct. rhei has been taken regularly every two hours, without any effect
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destroyer of youth — do not know how to stand and sit
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congested, and giving out on pressure thin frothy fluid (serum).
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was greatly wanted. Cases of this kind are not infrequent, but
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expected that in a large proportion of fractures of the base of
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in this case: 98 of the umbilical cords were not varicose, and C8 were varicose.
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widely advertised as the organic forms of iron for medic-r
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the upper portion of the cornea, to the inner surface of which the iris was
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" I ordered an aperient, which evacuated the bowels freely, and then directed
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operation having been effectively performed. The idea that the co-
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8. It is possible that with man the loss of a certain quantity of blood after
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man's Journal) as black, slightly metallic, not volatilized by heat, soluble
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sometimes of oxalic acid. The results showed that by taking
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though you are haled into court to explain your behavior.
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Translated from the Gennan, by C. Looxhabt Robbbtsoit, M.D., and
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on 9th February, 1867, of 12,582 which occurred in workhouses,
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supplied with husbandmen. There is hardly a village or a
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inmates, always kept clean and neat — with lofty open halls for their recreation
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the medical staff of the Irish Poor Law Department, during the
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vascular systems, as the intemperate use of stimulating liquors, especially in
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remarked, after pointing out what he considered its defective
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by the patient's heat of temper and refusal of being restrained to perfect quie-
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has a number of Farmers' Bulletins for free distribution
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patient should avoid smoke-filled rooms and smoking
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of the ovary, evidently leans to the belief that the majority of
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without any heat P He attaches great diagnostic value to the forma-
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66. Necrology. — M. Sanson, the distinguished professor of Clinical Surgery
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difficulty of, and intense pain over the abdomen, on emptying the bladder. This