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old charge of $5.00 extra per $1000 is justifiable or not.
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nerve centres that control their nutrition. The shifting char-
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endocarditis and suppurative arthritis. He finds a total of 316 examinations
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the use of beer — even in large quantities — was not dangerous,
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heart and respiration. It supplies requisite oxygen, relieves "air hunger,"
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cause of fermentation and putrefaction, as well as of disease, there seemed to
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was brought about partly by the collapse of the veins during forcible inspira-
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or seventh day there is a sudden subsidence of the fever. This may occur
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thesia have been described. Bancroft saw disturbances of speech exclusive
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excess of the same disease prevailing in other sections. In
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mild grade and seldom causes any severe symptoms. It is rare at the begin-
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Duration of Epidemic. — ^The invasion period, from the recognition of the
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and typhoid fever have been associated but usually one disease follows the
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tribute the bacilli through the subarachnoid space, whereas after death,
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maj be separated from each other, or masses of them may be joined together
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temporary, but, if unchecked, it leads to structural change
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sented himself for the cure of a resulting hernia, and on
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The finding of pneumococci in the blood is of no prognostic import, being
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scarlet fever, Beatty found 5 cases of pneumonia. Croupous pneumonia in
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ideas. It was early noted that there was comparatively slight danger of
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have to be carefully excluded. The mortality is 65 per cent., largely as the
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rational study of serum therapy such a diagnosis is essential, as has been
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57.6 per cent., and Morhart 41.7 per cent, of their cases. The last-named
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smallpox from that of the eighteenth century is to be attributed to vaccina-
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This may cause considerable difficulty, particularly if the general symptoms
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but sometimes of the submaxillary and sublingual glands. Metastases occa-
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frequently attacked. There is some evidence to show that infection may
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an explosion of a barrel occurred about noon of a hot sum-
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symptoms, such as abdominal pain, and the conditions for which the phy-
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few days should prevent error, which is probable only if the patient has not
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should be gradually and carefully rubbed into the solution with a small
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1903, — "It has been demonstrated that, as a rule, globulin
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is the t^-phoid bacillus in a few instances, the colon bacillus, or pyogenic
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to the man who would defeat a baneful inheritance this may
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which are well-defined poisons and by themselves alone reproduce with
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manently injiired, or whether they are such as to regain their