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processes of degeneration which affect only the finer structure of the
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Christ's time, it is necessary to outline the develop-
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9. Chronic Influenzal Bronchitis, By J. D. Madison.
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phies, toxic and infectious diseases ; diseases of the
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material is quite safe ; catgut has not proved to be
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der, not instruct him." His sense of the heavy responsibility of the
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adherent coils of intestine and open up the way for further infection
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the House of the Good Samaritan, $5,000: Industrial
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outside of the very deaf themselves, or of those who have to deal much
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over 29 per cent, the result was moderate, and in nearly 21 per cent, failure
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until the eighth day, when vomiting, abdominal distention, and sensi-
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such organisms. I looked with especial interest for the Leydenia gem-
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and his followers refer to a deficient secretion of hydrochloric acid in the
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method of treating patches of chronic eczema rubrum of the leg is so
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work, in which they were exposed to the inhalation of highly infected dust ;
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There are two distinct modes of therapeutics : one of these calls for
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doubt that the bacillus discovered by Kitasato and Yersin is found
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of micro-organisms occurred from it in a gelatin-tube, but under the
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statue to the people of the United States, to stand forever in our beau-
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course of the ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves.
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proving cases, stationary cases, and advancing cases.
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thing, but that failure to see a purpose and a rela-
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15. Carcinoma of the Spleen and Stomach with Unusual
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to rabbits, and an inoculation into the testicle of
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respirations) or congenital heart lesions (with gen-
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like tumors which became united at their bases by diffuse swelling, which
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was but partly complete, de Ribes's bag was employed. The pubes sepa-
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be palpated, it is ordinarily found at the left of the
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possibility of the existence of an alimentary super-
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entire lower portion. Pulse, 140; temperature, 103° F. ;
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fancy and use it. as a test for the motility of the
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FiNDLEY. — In Atlantic, Iowa, on Saturday, June 25th,
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